Federal Character Commission Policy Shift

FCC Now to monitor recruitment exercise:

Since inception in 1996, the Federal Character Commission (FCC) saddled itself with observing recruitment exercise to allow MDAs willingly apply the approved guidelines and formulae in the staff distribution amongst the States of the Federation. This observer status has to large extent prevented officials of the Commission to interfere in the proceeding of the exercise even when the wrong things were observed to be done ab initio. It is in the realisation of this fact, that the Plenary of the Commission at its 231st session held on Wednesday 13th August, 2014 overwhelmingly endorsed a revesal of the policy to the effect that hencefoth, officials of the Commission at any recruitment exercise will monitor  the exercise and ensure that the processes leading to, the recruitment exercise itself, the eventual selection of successful candidates substantially comply with the approved guidelines and formulae for Recruitment duty shall be addressed as Monitors and they shall have all the the rights and priviledges to monitor recruitment exercises within the context of the approved guidelines. Similarly, the plenary also accepted the presidential directive conveyed by the SGF on the 22nd of July, 2014 that (a) No Public  Service recruitment should be contracted out to consulting firm; and (b) No applicant should be requested/made to pay any fee for any employment. This directive which now form part of our approved guidelines is for strict compliance.