Definitions, etc.

1.       Definitions, etc.

  1. An indigene of a local government means a person—
    1. either of whose parents or any of whose grandparents was or is an indigene of the local government concerned; or
    2. who is accepted A n indigene by the local government; provided that no person shall claim to more than one local government.
  1. an indigene of a State means a person who is an indigene of one of the local governments in that State:
  2. An indigene of the Federal Capital Territory—
    1. is a Nigerian citizen, other than by naturalization, who cannot lay claim to any State of the Federation; or
    2. is a person born in the Federal Capital Territory and whose descendants lived in the area presently constituting the Federal Capital Territory before 26 February, 1976 and has continued to reside in the federal Capital Territory after that date.

2.       Position of a Married Woman

A married woman shall continue to lay claim to her State of Origin for purpose of implementation of the Federal Character formulae at the national level.

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