Ag. Executive Chairman at Wazobia FM Abuja

In the light of recent adverse publicity generated by unsubstantiated allegations against the Commission, the Ag. Executive Chairman with the Secretary to the Commission commenced aggressive media campaign to ameliorate and discountenance the untoward effects of this bad publicity. They were featured at Wazobia FM 99.5 Abuja on Monday 2nd February, 2020 on the program #dorocorruption.

The Secretary to the Commission said “lets go back to the integrity process in the Commission, we have Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit, the Freedom and Information Unit, we also have the Servicom Unit and we have the whistle blower policy. We encourage Nigerians out there to make use of these structures we have within the Commission.”

He also added “The recruitment process has about four structures on ground. First of all we have the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, MDAs go there to tell them the number of people they want to recruit, they also have to go to the Budget Office which tells the MDA if it has money, then MDAs come to the Commission like the Chairman said we give them the Character Balancing Index then after that MDAs will go to Accountant General of the Federation to register with the IPPIS platform, so it is not a process that is secretive.”