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Federal Character Commission is organizing National Stakeholders Seminar at Arewa House, No 1 Rabah Road, Kaduna on Thursday, 5th July, 2018.

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The Committe on Agricultural Services held Workshop Thursday 22nd May, 2014.



Application of General Principles


National Level


3.       Application of partial principles


          Career Posts


(a)     The indigenes of State of the Federation shall constitute not less than 2.5 per cent or more than 3 per cent of all officers including junior staff at the head offices of Any National institution, public enterprise or organization. In the case of branches or local offices, not less than 75 per cent of these categories of staff shall be indigenes of the catchment area;


(b)    where the number of vacancies are not sufficient to go round the 36 State of the federation and the federal Capital Territory the vacancies shall be shared among the zones such that the indigenes of a particular zone shall not constitute less than 15 per cent or more than 18 per cent;


(c)    within a zone, the indigenes of a particular State shall not constitute  less than 12 per cent or more than 15 percent 9in the case of North Central and North West; not less than 15 per cent or more than 18 percent in the case of North East, South South and South West; and not less than 18 percent or more than 22 percent in the case of South East;


(d)    appointments into the leadership of all Ministries, departments, full- time commissions, public corporations and tertiary institutions, the armed forces, police and other security agencies shall be done such that each State or zone shall be represented equitably in accordance with the appropriate formula.

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Equitable and proportional representation of leadership in Federal Ministries

The leadership of Federal Ministries shall comprise the Permanent Secretary, Directors, Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors, and equivalent positions in other relevant agencies and shall be such that they do not come from the same zone. At the level of Director down to Assistant Director, there shall be an equitable and proportional representation of both the zones and the State of the Federation within each zone. In the case of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the federal character principle shall also apply to the postings of heads of diplomatic missions.

5.       Public Political Offices at National Level

As far as practicable, the appointment to the various categories of political offices shall be done on the basis of equitable representation of the State of the federation and the federal Capital Territory or zones as appropriate using the relevant formula while the distribution of offices to the States and the Federal Capital Territory within a zone shall comply with the formula applicable to the zone. The political offices concerned include:-

  1. Ministers of Cabinet rank;
  2. Ministers of State;
  3. Special adviser to the President;
  4. Non-carrier heads of Nigerian diplomatic missions;
  5. Chairmen and members of statutory Federal agencies

6.       State Level

          (1)     Career Posts

(a)     the federal character principle which apply to the Federal service in relation to the States shall apply to the State services in relation to the local government;

(b)     the local governments shall be equitably represented. Thus, the formula for sharing and distribution of posts among the local government area shall be as specified below or on the basis of Senatorial districts as appropriate with a percentage range of between 30 and 35.

State           No. of L.G.A.      Average per L.G.A       %Range for sharing

Abia                      17                         5.88                               4/7

Adama                 21                         4.76                               4/7

Akwa Ibom          31                         3.23                               2/4

Anambra              21                         4.76                               4/7

Bauchi                  20                         5.00                               4/6

Bayelsa                8                           12.50                             10/14

Benue                   23                         4.34                               3/5

Borno                   27                         3.70                                2/4

Cross River        18                         5.55                               4/7

Delta                    25                         4.00                               3/5

Ebonyi                 13                         7.69                               6/9

Edo                      18                         5.55                               4/7

Ekiti                     16                         6.25                               5/7

Enugu                 17                         5.88                               4/7

Gombe               11                         9.10                               8/10

Imo                       27                         3.70                               2/4

Jigawa                  27                         3.70                               2/4

Kaduna                23                         4.34                               3/5

Kano                    44                         2.27                               1/3

Katsina                34                         2.29                               2/5

Kebbi                   21                         4.76                               4/7

Kogi                     21                         4.76                               4/7

Kwara                  16                         6.25                               5/7

Lagos                  20                         5.00                               4/6

Nassarawa        13                         7.69                               6/9

Niger                    25                         4.00                               3/5

Ogun                    20                         5.00                               4/6

Ondo                    18                         5.55                               4/7

Osun                    30                         3.33                                2/4

Oyo                      33                         3.03                               2/4

Plateau                 17                         5.88                               4/7

Rivers                   23                         4.34                               3/5

Sokoto                 23                         4.16                               3/5

Taraba                  16                         6.25                               5/7

Yobe                    17                         5.88                               4/7

Zamfara                14                         7.69                               6/9

FCT                      6                           16.67                             15/18


FCC recent activities can be found in the available free download. In the archived docs you can find alote Documents on Federal Character Principles and our activities in PDF format.

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